Monday, September 1, 2008

Domo Arigato

I can always count on SS to steer me right when it comes to sushi. Hayes Valley newcomer Domo serves up an assortment of super fresh salads, rolls and nigiri in a super cute space, sitting just off the main drag on Laguna.

It's a good thing we got there early because by 7 pm, all 16-some-odd seats were taken.

The Sexy Mama was ... yes, you guessed it ... sexy—stuffed with broiled asparagus and tobiko, then topped with sliced lemon and salmon, plus a generous drizzle of yuzu cucumber salsa.

The crunch and spice of Domo's jalepeƱo hamachi roll with scallions and sea salt also got high marks, but it was the silky, supple hamachi belly nigiri (far right) that reigned supreme.

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