Monday, February 23, 2009

Hawaiian Hospitality: Deep Fried

When my sister said her friend KT was planning to throw a turkey in the fryer for a little BBQ party, Hawaiian-style, I said sign me up. I'd been hearing about the wonders of deep-fried turkey since my college days, but had never had the chance to partake, so I was more than willing to hop in the car and take a spin out to the 'burbs (Mililani, HI) for a piece of the action.

You could say KT's a deep-frying turkey pro, having done this about 8 or 9 times. He's tried Martha's recipe and Bobby Flay's as well, and says they're all a little to a lot wrong.

By trial and error, he's now got his technique down to a T. After brining the turkey, he hickory smokes it, then drops the honey-coated bird into the roiling peanut oil.

The first couple of times his wife thought he'd destroyed the bird, blackened as it was when it came out. But that's just the sugar (aka honey) that's burned up on the outside.

All the lovely juices are sealed inside, keeping the flesh moist and tender, and absolutely divine.

With all kinds of kids running about, KT followed the bird with some corndogs and French fries to keep them happy. Of course, the "big kids" (me too!) helped themselves to the fat-laden bounty.

And then finished up with a whole mess of airy, light and cinnamon-sugar dusted funnel cakes.

Looking through a boozy, fat-filled haze ...

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Anonymous said...

Try using rice oil instead of peanut oil-it's healthier and better tasting!!!