Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yay! Pie!

That's how Chris of Alameda Pie (formerly the Pie Truck) signs off all of his blog posts and emails, and I gotta agree.

And thanks to
Urban Daddy's heads up (yo, SS, you rock), we found out about Chris's Friday lunch deliveries and got ours this past week to include 6 peppery chicken pot pies and a scrumptiddliumptious apple pie for dessert.

This is no sissy crust—you had to put your back into cutting through the buttery dough.

So far, Alameda Pie's got chicken and veggie curry as the 2 savory options in the line-up. We're hoping Chris rotates in a few more kinds so we can keep on having pie Fridays now and again.

Yay! Pie!

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