Saturday, January 16, 2010

Starbelly So Good

The very preggy Mrs. H and I snapped up the last of the handful of bar seats at hotter-than-hot newcomer Starbelly. A good thing too as the crowds started filling the foyer and the sidewalk beyond while we noshed on the some really tasty crab hush puppies; grilled sardines with lotsa lemon, chives and capers; and my fave: Sonoma lamb chops grilled medium rare with a dollop of quince chutney accompanied by a generous scoop of cheddar grits and a tangle of braised greens.

Mrs H's sea bass (not pictured) was fried to a deep, deep crisp—unfortunately not what my gal pal was hoping for. She'd have much prefered a lighter hand with the oil. Oh well, the oh-so-tasty chocolate ice cream banana split sundae with peanut butter cookie helped make up for it.

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