Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tipsy Parson Is Super Tasty

OK, so no matter what anyone says—and I had at least four different folks telling me not so good things—I like Tipsy Parson. A lot. Of course, all of my pals who found the Chelsea resto less than stellar conceded that they'd gone when it had first opened and/or a few months back. I decided to chalk it up to a kitchen that only just recently found its rhythm. And we were the lucky recipients of that newfound rhythm.

Let's see ... what our 6-top enjoyed included:
* the fried oysters—moist and tender, they popped in your mouth when you ate 'em.
* the most heavenly smooth bourbon chicken liver mousse with a perfectly sweet and citrusy green tomato marmalade, grilled potato bread and upland cress.
* baked Grafton cheddar mac and cheese with big ol' bacon bits—creamy on the inside, browned and crisped on the outside.
* a big bowl of creamy, cheese-y grits

My main was a honking 20-ounce pork chop, grilled to perfection—it oozed juicy goodness and tons of piggy flavor. Bitter braised greens and buttery stone-ground grits rounded out the hearty dish.

We finished with strawberry-rhubarb pie for 2 ... pretty tasty though the crust could've been a bit more tender and flaky, and the rhubarb cooked a bit longer ... the only slight ding of the night.

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