Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dell'anima Can Do No Wrong

It'd been more than 2 years since I had the exquisite pleasure of partaking in a meal at West Village Italian eatery dell'anima. And yet from what I'd been reading, it was still going strong.

So off we went on my last proper night in the City for an unforgettable meal that started with a tasty array of five bruschette and ended on a high note comprising four kinds of perfectly al dente and fragrantly flavored pasta/risotto.

dell'anima still delivers ...

Sweetbreads with (I think) a sunchoke puree and strawberries in balsamic vinegar — Not my fave dish (a bit discordant to me), but I could appreciate the tender juicy-ness of the seared offal. DY and CY loved ...

Mouthwatering bruschette: Soft scrambled eggs with bottarga (aka caviar); rapini pesto walnuts and pecorino; cannellini with preserved tangerine and aleppo pepper; creamy avocado with Sicilian olive oil; ricotta with sea salt

Uber tender, charred octopus with rice beans, chorizo, chicory and endive

What I couldn't get enough of: the lusciously rich minty pea risotto with tons of Pecorino cheese. But heck, I was happy getting a little bit of everything. It was all so good.

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