Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fettucine Night with the Boys

Whenever J+J ask me over for supper, they often expect me to get to work in the kitchen. This time was no exception, though thankfully JG had already done the heavy lifting—prepping all of the ingredients beforehand for this especially toothsome Epicurious recipe: fettucine with peas, asparagus and pancetta with a couple of substitutions/additions—mint instead of parsley, for example, plus a healthy dose of crushed red pepper.

Crispy pancetta adds a wonderfully savory depth to the pasta.

And of course the fresh peas and asparagus make this the perfect springtime-into-summer pasta (we cooked this a couple of months back).

Truth be told, I didn't have to do too much beyond toss a bit here and taste a tad there. And it was all worth it once we sat down to eat the creamy-citrusy pasta sitting before us.

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