Monday, January 23, 2012

Brews and Brats at the Biergarten

This is a winning combination if there ever was one:

Really good beer (one hefeweizen, another pils in 1 liter steins)
2 juicy bratwursts, 1 uber fresh, doughy pretzel, a heaping mound of sauerkraut, plus plenty of horseradish and mustard

Oh, and prime seating at one of the many picnic tables dotting the Biergarten because CD and I had queued up just 7 minutes after the doors openedor gates as it were. Winter hours are from 2 to 8 pm on the weekends. We hung out in the Biergarten til well past 5, the weather was so lovelydownright summery in fact.

The only tiny criticism: the sauerkraut could've done with a bit more pop by way of a good dousing of vinegar. Otherwise, what a fab way to wile away a weekend afternoon, catching up with a good friend and enjoying the ebb and flow of the happy folks surrounding us.

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