Sunday, March 22, 2009

King of Noodles

When I heard from "cheap eats charter member" JH that King of Noodles—purveyor of hand-pulled noodles—had recently supplanted the pathetically empty Ueno 'round the corner from where I live, I made a mental note to head over while my sister was in town.

After perusing the list of 10-or-so types of noodle dishes and debating the possible pros and cons of several of them, we finally settled on the one we wanted (the pork and spinach dumplings with noodles) ... only to be told by our waiter, "You don't want that one. You want our special of the day: beef stew with noodles." Ah, really? Hmm, I guess we do ... He assured us it would be delicious. And it was.

As we looked around the small, no-frills eatery, we noticed that the beef stew, which was really just a mild beef broth swimming with chunks of meat, shiitake mushrooms and bok choy, was the only noodle soup on offer that day. No matter. It was really quite lovely. And the home-made pasta was amazing—springy and firm, and super satisfying. King of Noodles is aptly named.

I was thrilled to see Shanghai soup dumplings on the menu. I haven't had 'em in years and was determined to try them here. They were divine: atomically hot, juicy, tender and so much fun to eat.

With tax and tip included, the total damage for this tasty foray came up to just $15. King of Noodles deserves a place in the weekly line-up .. fo' sho.

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