Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vinegar Hill House in Brooklyn

... really does feel a lot like rustic-Americana resto Freemans—minus the stuffed caribou and elk heads. Super cozy and quaint (it's decorated with carved wooden owls, needlepoint and exposed organ pipes at the bar), the newish eatery is nestled in a cute little neighborhood going by the same name, Vinegar Hill. And for the most part, it puts out really tasty food.

Thanks, SV, for making the suggestion to go to Vinegar Hill House to find out what all the fuss has been about.

Vinegar Hill House's chicken liver mousse came crowned with a healthy sprinkling of pistachios. We dug into the lovely spread to find a beautiful pink blush of the creamiest pate. It was absolutely divine. The pickled vinegary onions helped cut the sinfully rich mousse.

SV and I loved the butter and fava bean special—perfectly cooked and seasoned in a buttery chicken broth swimming with chunks of bacon.

I'd been on a corn kick of late so was super excited about trying the corn salad side dish. It didn't disappoint. The kernels were deliciously sweet, fresh and juicy, and were generously tossed with fresh Parmesan. Given the chance, I would eat this every day.

The boneless braised short ribs weren't the best I'd ever had in that they were ever so slightly underseasoned and just a touch on the dry side—though thankfully there was enough jus in the bowl to make up for the lack of moisture in the meat. However, I did love the accompanying heirloom tomatoes dressed in a Maytag blue cheese dressing and the crunchy garlic croutons.

All in all, it was a really lovely visit. I'd be happy to go back the next time I make the trip out to NYC. You got that, SV?