Saturday, October 31, 2009

Locanda Verde with My Girls

We three—YSH, MK and I—used to work in the Tabla kitchen back in the day, but YSH and I chucked it in, while MK went on to work for Andrew Carmellini at 3-star A Voce, then left to go help him open up Locanda Verde down in Tribeca—it had been getting tons of great press, so we were super excited to drop by for brunch.

MK sent out Karen DeMasco's pastry mistra compliments of the kitchen—a platter of delicious muffins and things from lemon rosemary to blueberry polenta and pumpkin spice with little ramekins filled with lovely whipped honey butter and homemade preserves.

She also sent us the most luscious sheep's milk ricotta scented with truffle honey, accompanied by "burnt" orange toast.

YSH's main was the shrimp and creamy grits with poached eggs. All of it perfectly seasoned and spiced, the shrimp perfectly cooked in Locanda's big wood-fired oven.

I got the heavenly lemon ricotta pancakes with fresh blueberries and meyer lemon curd. So light and fluffy. The lemon curd gave a tangy lightness to the dish.

That does it. Locanda Verde is now my new fave brunch place in NYC.

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