Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Standard Grill, NYC

It'd been too long since I saw the CCI gang last, but what fun it was to break bread and catch up at The Standard Grill in the Meatpacking—man, was it hopping, and on a Monday night no less.

Thanks, MS, for making the rezzies. And congrats to D&K! Salud!

I'm not going to go into great detail about what we ate. Suffice it to say that after downing a tasty cocktail (called the "summer bramble"), then splitting 2 bottles of wine and 1 more of champagne, we were all in a very fine mood. That said, the food kept our spirits buoyed. For example, the rich slab of well-cooked and crusted pork belly with apple dice and sauce above.

Loved the tender grilled squid and frisee salad.

The octopus was pretty darn good too, though I'd prolly vote for the squid ahead of the octo in that the texture here was a tad bit on the chewier side.

A medley of stick-to-your-rib sides came out with our mains—like yummy roasted gold and candy striped beets and toasted hazelnuts, smashed potatoes cooked in duck fat (yes!), and brussels sprouts sauteed with bacon.

My server steered me right when he recommended the halibut—tender and moist, sitting atop some crisp-tender asparagus with a really nice hollandaise to add richness to the dish.

MS got some big ol' pepper-crusted lamb chops served up with a splattering of tangy pesto. I thought they were mighty fine.

D&K shared the "demi-vache" dry-aged prime rib steak, which they shared all around ... super tender, juicy and bursting with flavor. Wow.

Standout desserts were the humble pie (filled with rhubarb and served with a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream) and the strawberry fool (strawberries in mascarpone cream, vanilla sponge cake and strawberry granita).

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