Saturday, November 7, 2009

Banh mi from Banhmai

AR and DL have a pal named Mai who makes a cooler full of banh mi (Vietnamese baguette sandwiches) that she tweets about and then sells off at $7 a pop at South Park. I was keen on giving it a try as I haven't had one of these kinds of sammies since leaving NY.

Back then, I used to live right above one of the best purveyors of banh mi: Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches—I was addicted to the pork chop with pickled carrots, cucumber, cilantro, and jalapeno piled into a light and airy baguette slathered with plenty of mayo.

Mai's roast pork with pork pate was packed full of cilantro and came with plenty of pickled carrots and daikon that she gave to us in a little baggy. Though there were plenty of peppers scattered throughout, they weren't spicy. Too bad. A little heat woulda been welcome. And the baguettes, which Mai said she had a hard time getting a hold of that day, weren't crispy and airy like the ones Nicky's uses. Still, a pretty tasty banh mi. Happy to go back for seconds ... and thirds ... and so on.

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