Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heavenly Himawari

When workmate GC (who's married to a Japanese national) told us he almost cried over his bowl of Tan Tan Men deluxe (spicy savory ramen with pork belly, ground pork and stewed pork) at Himawari in San Mateo because it was so authentically delicious, JL and I decided we had to go as soon as possible. So a few days later, we three hightailed it down there for a midday repast and were transported to the 7th level of heaven (is there such a thing? at Himawari, there most certainly is).

Though I still do have a great love of the ramen at Ippudo in New York, I think Himawari's version is a tiny tad more authentic and homey, the pork broth ever so rich and succulent, the noodles a bit more al dente. Loved the added bite of cilantro and the soft-boiled egg thrown in. My only sadness is that the resto's not closer to home. Still, I'll try to make it down there every now and again—for an awesome bowl of ramen, why not?

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