Monday, April 12, 2010

Girls' Night at Isa

The babysitter cancelled, so Mr. H was left at home with the kiddies while Mrs. H. came out for some really good eats at contemporary French resto Isa. Despite its less-than-stellar location (the—yawn—Marina), we two still had a fab time.

Fresh chunks of yellowfin tuna and avocado came dressed in spicy sriracha and soy, sprinkled with toasted sesame and nori strips.

The grilled local calamari had a hint of sweetness from a coating of honey spice; it came out super tender and perfectly complemented with some lemon zest and peppery arugula, plus a generous helping of flageolet beans.

And the tender Maple leaf farm duck breast came out with a nicely crisped skin and a tangy, not-heavy huckleberry sauce to balance sweet against savory. The sharp, sweet and peppery flavors of the goat cheese, beet and arugula salad added even more punch to the dish.

Though I'd heard and read good things about the restaurant, I was a tiny bit concerned when I was told the chef/owner had sold Isa just last month after a 10-year run. But I needn't have worried. PH and I enjoyed everything that hit our table. Let's hope things stay that way.

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