Wednesday, April 28, 2010

J'adore Bar Jules

JA and I snagged some killer window seats in shoe-box sized Bar Jules last Friday night. It was the first of many good things to come our way. That night's menu (it changes daily) had a number of tantalizing items such as a chiogga golden beet salad with farm-fresh greens (yes, please); tender, springy, grilled scallops with uber-fresh, sweet baby carrots and crisp-tender asparagus in an herbacious sauce gribiche (that too, yes); and a strawberry-almond tart with a big ol' dollop of whipped cream (please sir, could I have some more?).

Suffice it to say that with every bite of our amazing meal (and sip of our accompanying vino), the week's stresses and worries washed away from us.

By the time, we'd scooped up the last bit of dessert, we were super relaxed and incredibly pleased with ourselves and the world.

Bar Jules remains one of my top-10 faves in the city.

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