Saturday, April 7, 2007

Good—make that Great—Friday. Olé!

For the first time ever, I got the afternoon off for Good Friday, and in celebration my coworking cohorts and I a-hopped, skipped and a-jumped over to Puerto Alegre in the Mission where we sucked down copious amounts of citrusy-sweet (in a good way) margaritas and noshed on spicy (jalapenos and onions galore), chunky guacamole and chips. What a perfect pairing.

The topper was the super meat burrito my mate sitting beside me got handed. Jaw-dropping to say the least. At least a foot long and packed with all the goodies: tender beef, beans, rice, guac, salsa, cheese and more ... doused in a super tasty sauce with lotsa sour cream. It's one of the best burritos I've ever tasted (and I've probably had a few hundred growing up here in SF)—the moist interior was well seasoned, with all of the ingredients pulling together in perfect harmony. After this visit, I'm gonna have to say that, pound for pound, Puerto Alegre's tortilla torpedo now outranks the almost-puny-in-comparison burritos at my usual go-to fave: Pancho Villa.

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