Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sugar Rush

I dropped into Kara's Cupcakes this weekend. What's not to love? The cupcakes are cute, the store's packaging and pink interior are precious. But I just gotta say: NY's Sugar Sweet Sunshine still reigns supreme—its mini cakes are moister, cakier, just plain better; and the buttercream frosting is fluffy and light. Note the brown color of Kara's chocolate and vanilla cake on the right. Yup, overcooked and a bit dry on top. Not awful, not bad, but nowhere near the perfection that is Sugar Sweet Sunshine. I dumped half the chocolate frosting—dense, cloying and super sweet, if I'd scarfed it all down, I'm sure I'd have fallen to the floor twitching and jerking from insulin overload. OK, I'm being a bit of a drama queen. Kara's is good (but Sunshine is ...)

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