Saturday, May 19, 2007

Berry Good

Every Saturday morning after my marathon workout, I head over to La Boulange de Polk to treat myself to a breakfast latte and chausson aux pommes (apple croissant not pictured because I gobble that sucker down before I remember to take a shot). If I'm feeling especially gluttonous, I'll pick up a brioche au sucre or prosciutto, parmesan and fig baguette too. While I wait for my latte, compliments of Jose, I always peer with great pleasure into the refrigerated display window at the various tarts for the taking ... red berry (pictured here), fruit, lemon, goat cheese and pear ... I'd love to take them all home with me. The red berry tart made an appearance at a recent dinner party, where it scored high marks. How could it be otherwise? You can't really go wrong with the combination of crumbly crust, sweet creamy custard and juicy tart fruit.

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