Friday, May 18, 2007

K-Mart Pit Stop

A trip to see my folks isn't complete without a pit stop at the Korean supermarket. During last weekend's visit, we headed straight to the K-mart (read: Korean mart) right after they picked me up from the airport. As always, we went a little nuts with the amount of sweet dduk (rice cakes) we had to have ... although I did immediately wolf down a good third of a pack of the little nugget-like dduk (glutinous rice balls filled with lovely little blobs of sweet bean, honey and sesame).

My fave type of sweet dduk is injulme (in-juhl-mee), bite-sized chunks of glutinous rice rolled in various types of bean powder or ground black sesame. They're harder to come by because, according to my mom, they're harder to make. So, I almost never get to eat them anymore. *Sigh* ... the cross I must bear ... It's a good thing, I like the half dozen or so variations that rotate through the K-mart in my folks' hood.

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