Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Salad (and Crostata) Days

Used to be I'd think of lunch as a throwaway meal—sure, a girl's gotta eat, but time and again, I'd find myself disappointed with the ho-hum, same-old sammy, salad or soup offerings to be had in the few-block radius near my 9-to-6 (ok, 7) job. Then along came Split Pea Seduction, which has turned the meaning of lunch on its head—at least for me—with fresh, fun and seasonal salads like the apricot, goat cheese, toasted pinenuts and frisee combo (pictured above) and their ever-so-addictive savory crostatas, all made fresh daily and with oodles of love by Jersey Tomatoes caterers Sarah Ellison-Pinkin and Christian Noto. I've only been a few times so far, mostly because Split Pea is a tad further afield (at 6th and Minna) than the 101 other options closer to my office, but it is SO worth the trek. The crostata I had yesterday was the sweet white corn, early girl tomato and house pork sausage (yes, it was pure ambrosia). The one you see here is another scrumptilicious sweet corn variation. It's probably a good thing Split Pea isn't so close; I'd likely become a permanent fixture—an ever-growing blob of fat parked in a corner, shoveling up crostatas along with generous helpings of their homey cakes, cookies and muffins. Now that I think about, it doesn't sound so bad. Nope, not bad at all.

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