Friday, July 13, 2007


I am stuffed. This is why:

The amuse bouche: a cannelle of fig sorbet plopped on a bed of Parmesan foam and given a drizzle of olive oil and honey. Took me right back to my visit to the creative Comerç 24 in Barcelona.
Rating: 8.5

Warm, crispy quail with black Mission fig and artichoke salad dressed in an aged sherry vinaigrette.
Rating: 8

Roast squab breast with caramelized endive and baby turnips served on a bed of crushed English peas, sauced with a bacon jus flavored with date.
Rating: 8.25

Apricot tarte tatin with African spices, a flaky pastry and dollop of delicious ice cream.
Rating: 8.5

Note: I'm a hard grader even when soused (no, I'm not under the influence, just stuffed to the gills and sleepy from all of that deliciously rich food and wine).

Note 2: We were lucky enough to partake of celebrated chef James Syhabout's 2nd-to-last supper at Plumpjack Cafe. He's going back to Manresa after tomorrow ... the food was pretty and pretty special, bursting with farm-fresh goodness; we may just have to make the sojourn out to Los Gatos to see what's up his sleeve working once again for chef David Kinch.

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