Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Wildebeest Arms

was Ab Fab. DM took me there on my second night in Norwich. It's her go-to pub (and not just because it's less than a mile from her home!). The Wildebeest Arms is the perfect place to come into from out of the cold (and cold it was, with a bit of sleet and freezing rain greeting us that day). Sitting by the roaring fire, I gleefully attacked the warmed creamy goat cheese, greens, plump fig and roasted beet salad. Usually appetizers are an easy win—easy for restos to impress their diners with. The entree is often the dealbreaker. Well, I was entirely pleased with the modest slab of roasted pork belly, which came sitting in a pool of stick-to-your-ribs buttery, mustardy meat sauce, accompanied by a dollop of mashed potatoes along with lovely batons of roasted parsnip, baby carrots and shredded cabbage.

The deliciously tangy, sweet and peppery salad.

The nicely crisped pork belly with wunderbar accompaniments.

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