Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Brunch at Foreign Cinema

Easter Brunch in Foreign Cinema's sunny outdoor patio this past weekend hit the spot. The $40 3-course had everything we three gals could ask for. After much back and forth (there were so many tantalizing dishes to choose from), I decided to start with the ever-so-delightful French toast baguette (soaked for a good long time in milk, or better yet, cream!) with a scoop of strawberry butter and organic banana slices. I moved right into the fluffy and fragrantly earthy porcini mushroom omelet with crispy potatoes and heavenly smoked bacon glazed in brown sugar (I usually nibble on a corner of a bacon strip and leave the rest, but not this time—couldn't help but eat the whole lot of 'em). I closed the show with a great cheese plate comprising a foot-jammy wedge (this is a good thing) of soft blue and a slice of lamb chopper (aka semi-firm sheep's milk cheese) with a drizzle of honey butter and raisin nut bread slices ... It's no wonder peeps say this is the best brunch in town.

LP's lineup:

More good things:

Smoked salmon with a squiggle of creme fraiche, microgreens and some walnut bits and bobs.

Slow-cooked scrambled eggs drizzled with truffle oil and toasted breadcrumbs, with chicken-apple sausage and big white beans.

A blueberry-and-peach-with-cream-and-biscuit concoction.

A meringue-encrusted lemon tart with macerated strawberries.

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