Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Resto Disappoints

Imagine my excitement when I saw deviled eggs on the menu of this new and very noteworthy restaurant. (I love eggs in all its forms—the deviled kind is no exception.) Too bad they were so salty—both the eggs and the potato croquettes beneath 'em. What a buzz kill. Oh well, I figured the entrees would make up for the less-than-stellar start to the night's food foray.

Nope. Not a chance. I was sorely disappointed with this run-of-the-mill Resto, as were JC and DY. Sure, it was nice to get served up some tasty Belgian beer on draft, but the food just wasn't that good. Certainly not good enough to earn a "new and very noteworthy" nod.

Though the beef cheek carbonnade (braised and resting atop a tower of frites) came out with the right texture (i.e. fork tender), it was blah and bland ... whoever used a heavy hand on the deviled eggs shoulda saved it for this dish instead.

The gruyere-burger wasn't bad. But DY found fault with the supermarket-bought bun, while I would've preferred a more slender version of fries. If I were in a diner and got this plate, I'd probably have given it a thumbs up, but heck, this ain't no diner and New York magazine talked it up so much that I was expecting a burger of heavenly proportions ... not so. Not even close.

Sigh. This was certainly not an auspicious start to my weekend sojourn to NYC ... more to come.

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