Friday, April 11, 2008

Province Chinese Canteen's Special Sammies

So Yosh told me about this place she'd found down in Tribeca, Province Chinese Canteen, that makes these tasty sandwiches comprising a sesame-studded bun and an assortment of mostly Chinese-style marinated meats and pickled veg. I said, sign me up. I'm not a big fan of your regular sammy, but these sounded properly gourmet and unusual enough to pique my interest. So we met my last day in NY and ended up spending almost 3 hours in the sparsely decorated eatery, working our way through these yummy treats on a cold, drizzly day.

The short rib and kimchi sandwich (OK, this one's Korean—and though it wasn't my fave of the bunch, I liked it well enough).

The special sammy—mackerel with pickled onion—was my fave. I was surprised—one because I'm usually not a big fan of this particular fish, and two because the intensely flavored soy-based marinade threw me off, making me think at first that this was meat of the terra firma variety. So much for priding myself on having a refined palate!

The spicy pork sandwich with pickled daikon radish (that's just yellow food coloring there, and yes, this one's also more Korean than Chinese) was really really good—the well-seasoned meat was tender, and the pickles added a nice punch and crunch against the softness of the springy bun. I'd definitely get it again.

Province Chinese Canteen has a good thing going. Me likey.

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