Monday, April 28, 2008

Piqueo's Does Peruvian Just Right

It's been a while since my visit to Piqueo's out in Bernal Heights so I can't remember all the deets pertaining to the meal. Suffice it to say that we three enjoyed almost every bite of the small plates we sampled throughout the night. A bottle of the very tasty Albarino made our vigorous debate around the McCain vs. [fill in the blank] Democratic candidate race for the presidency more palatable: SW—a self-proclaimed Democrat—was telling us she might vote for the old fogey Republican, which met with an uproar (JP's and mine), so much so that the lady sitting next to us "couldn't help but overhear" (read: eavesdrop) and thought we'd like to know the results of that night's primaries (Obama won).

Piqueo's seafood medley over creamy white beans.

Mini crab cakes with a zesty sauce.

Yummy porky pig empanada.

Perfectly seasoned paella.

Usually, I'm anti-banana leaf-bundled tamales, but this one was mighty tasty—no trace of the off-putting leafy flavor on the masa.

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