Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Heart Quality Meats

So the reason why I was out in NY again was because MB and LH were having a party for their recent nuptials at City Hall (when I got the text that they were getting married in just a few minutes' time, I about fell on my ass ... and I told MB so). Fashionable foodie that MB is, she smartly picked Quality Meats as the site of said celebration. AvroKO (designers of other hip, upscale restaurants like Sapa, Stanton Social and PUBLIC) managed to find a balance between rustic and modern—lots of wood paneling mixed in with stainless steel and ceramic tiles with meat locker details in the form of pulleys and lights dangling from butcher hooks.

This cool (yet warm) interior beckoned us in (that's JC and DY noshing above), but it was the amazing food streaming out of the kitchen that kept us there for hours (that and all the good company of course) ... from miniature mentos-sized burgers to tiny beet-goat cheese-scallion salads on skewers to a side table groaning with platters of house-made charcuterie, salty and pungent slabs of cheese, jars of wowza sweet pickled pineapple and red pepper marmalade along with fresh hunks of country bread.

There was more. A tower of shellfish comprising oysters, clams, and fat and fleshy curlicues of shrimp accompanied by a medley of dipping sauces. A steak station complete with a cook in whites serving up slices a la minute. And the pièce de résistance: a sundae station with the works ... ice creams included super-creamy coffee and doughnuts, butterscotch oatmeal cookie and orange creamsicle sorbet. And toppings? You name it, they had it. I went easy with just a modest helping of caramel sauce on my 2 scoops.

Hallelujah for Quality Meats. Happy married life to MB and LH.


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