Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Schiller's Brunch Bonanza

I didn't make it to old haunt Schiller's Liquor Bar for brunch when I was in NY in January, so I was bound and determined to get it on the food itinerary this time around. A good thing too: It's just as wunderbar as I remembered it to be—never too long of a wait, a friendly and energetic staff, deliciously potent daytime cocktails (SV and I had the sweetly sparkling mango martini while YSH quaffed down the bracing bloody Mary), and fabulous sweet and savory selections. Because I'd been going heavy with the meat all weekend long, I decided the brioche French toast with fresh fruit would suit me best. It was just what the doctor ordered. There's no need to go on ... the picture really says it all, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, cooking school mate SV went for the super rich and creamy croque Madame and managed to work her way through most of the honkin' dish ...

while ex-cook buddy YSH (with some cajoling on our part; she was actually thinking about eating healthy—mais NON. Not for Sunday brunch at Schiller's!) ordered up the artery-clogging (and oh so worth it!) eggs Hussard poached with ham, tomatoes, mushrooms. The lovely ovos came topped with Hollandaise sauce, sitting in a pool of succulent bordelaise sauce (traditionally made with Bordeaux wine, bone marrow, a super intense beef sauce and shallots). YSH was worried it might come out too salty, but the Schiller's cooks did it up just right. Well done!

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