Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lavash is Loverly

"This looks like shit," I said to JP when the extremely youthful waitress, who'd raved about Lavash's eggplant starter only moments before, slid it in front of us. He agreed. "But wow that is some really good shit," I added as soon as I shoveled a little of this unctious mushy wondrousness onto a square bit of lavash and into my mouth. Parsley, yogurt, olive oil adding lotsa flavor to the roasted eggplant ... we scraped the plate clean. Mmm, Persian food, good ...

While JP got a very nice chicken in pomegranate walnut sauce with a heaping pile of rice, he definitely thought my dish bested his. I thought so too. Big, spicy cubes of medium-rare grilled salmon with generous cuts of fresh veg plus plenty of rice—it's really good stuff. And for $9.95, it's a super bargain. My penny-pinching mother would approve.

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