Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Taste for Food

PH recently made a soul-satisfying meal of pasta bolognese straight out of the latest issue of Saveur, the magazine that really gets why I and so many others love food—food as it represents culture, heritage, hearth and home. After all, the stories and history provide the real seasoning to every meal.

That and really good ingredients. Like delicate Italian tagliolini that cooks up in 2 minutes.

Plus organic vegetables and meat from responsibly raised animals. (Hey, this is California.)

All washed down with a mellow Bordeaux—winner of the Concours Mondial Bruxelles gold medal—from the Ch√Ęteau du Petit Puch. I found this silky smooth number at K&L Wine Merchants, a veritable treasure trove of grape goodies from all over the world.

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