Monday, May 4, 2009

Korean BBQ + Naengmyon

In Seoul, restaurants specialize in particular things: The place we went to last night—found in the most nondescript of strip malls along any of a number of Seoul's heavily congested street corridors—is well-known for its BBQ pork and mul naengmyon (cold buckwheat noodle soup made Pyongyang style).

The pork (there must've been 5 pounds of it!) came thoroughly bathed in the most amazing sweet-soy-sesame-garlic marinade—according to my aunt, all of the meat comes from kitchen headquarters; this resto is one of a chain of restos, all of which get their marinated meats from the main kitchen for the utmost in quality control.

It was the tastiest Korean pork BBQ I've ever had. After we'd had our fill of the ambrosial meat, accompanied by an assortment of pickled and fresh vegetables including wedges of stewed pumpkin, slivers of onion dressed in vinegar and leafy lettuce doused in spicy chili paste, we ordered up small bowls of naengmyon, which we zested up with some vinegar and mustard.

I was royally stuffed by the end ...

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