Monday, May 4, 2009

Seoul Snacks

And it begins ...

My week of Seoul searching began with a simple street snack. This gal's got a medley of deep-fried goodies in the form of veg, squid and noodles-wrapped-in-nori for sale, not to mention super spicy rice dumplings as well. I decided to settle for the deep-fried sweet potato, while my uncle went for the squid, both of which we basted lightly with soy sauce before popping the piping hot pieces into our mouths.

Why the self-restraint? Why not order up s'more? I was tempted, but my aunt had been raving about some baked treats further down the street ... at a place called Rotiboy, so I didn't want to blow my entire wad here and now.

Rotiboy as it turns out reminds me very much of Beard Papa's in its cute factor. I've since found out that it had its start in Malaysia; has expanded to Thailand, Indonesia and now Korea (as of last year); and specializes in these poofy buns that are toasty on the outside and springy soft, with lotsa butter oozing out, on the inside.

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if Rotiboy makes it to New York one of these days. Mom would certainly love the crispety, fluffy, buttery bun accompanied by a suitably strong Americano.

According to Rotiboy, "One is never enough ... [these are] buns to die for ... " Indeed?

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