Saturday, June 27, 2009

COCO500's Wicked Fried Green Beans

Loretta Keller knows that, come hell or high water, her green beans have got to stay on the menu. They were on when the resto was formerly known as Bizou and made it through the transition to COCO500 several years ago. Deep-fried in a light batter, the pile o' beans come out super crisp and piping hot with an ever-changing dip that's typically mayo-based but sometimes made of chickpea or mustard.

With summer in full swing, zucchini blossoms are in season, so we were lucky enough to get a version of COCO500's flatbread incorporating these fragrant flowers, seasoned with truffle oil and parmesan. Ever so light and delicate, it—along with the green beans and a little vino of course—made for a great ending to the day.

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Spark said...

Sounds interesting...the zucchini blossoms. There was something about them the other day on NPR. Maybe if I'm ever visiting when they're in season, you can take me to try some. ;o)