Monday, July 6, 2009

Sorabol's Spicy Hangover Cure

Don Julio gave me one devil of a headache from the July 4th festivities at C&K's lovely Diamondhead home, and only one thing would cure it, I was sure: spicy Korean food. And lots of it.

So, off we went to
Sorabol on Keeaumoku for the spicy, sizzling grilled pork; boiling and red-chili hot sundubu jjigae, haemul pajon (OK, pajon's not spicy but man, was this scallion-seafood pancake so good), plus an assortment of spicy panchan like ggakdugi (cubes of daikon bathed in chili pepper), kimchi and more.

We did a fine job of eating almost everything in sight. Damn if
Korean food in Hawaii isn't really, really good.

As for the hangover? Done for. Done in. Dead ... to ... me ...

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