Saturday, July 11, 2009

Super Sandos at The Sentinel

I've never really cared for (ho-hum) sandwiches—not when I was a kid and certainly not now. However, I'll make an exception now and again, and order up a sando for lunch if it's made of extra tasty ingredients couched between slices of super fresh bread.

I'd been hearing about The Sentinel's flavorful offerings, created by Dennis Leary of Canteen fame. So, one fine SF day, I met PS in the fast-growing queue outside the takeaway lunch spot to see if the reality matched the buzz.

Washed down with The Sentinel's watermelon-ade, the wonderfully moist pork loin with frisee, apricot, muenster cheese and mustard spread was a treat.

The hot corned beef with cabbage, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing was divine. I'll certainly make the 20-minute hump from work to The Sentinel just so I can have this fine sando again.

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