Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkeyrific Holiday Feast

Another year, another Thanksgiving gone by. This time spent in Tiburon at the home of dear friends with my sister in tow. My contributions included green bean casserole (from scratch, of coursecompliments of Cook's Illustrated) and cheddary cheese twirls from a recent edition of Saveur magazine.

Needless to say I ate so much that I had quite the belly ache the next day.

But how could I resist when faced with as splendid a bird as this one. Brined and then roasted to moist perfection.

Not to mention a wonderful carbolicious train comprising wild rice stuffing, mashed rutabaga, roasted sweet potatoes, sweet cranberries and more.

Yep, I mowed through everything on this plate. (This does not include the 1/2 pound of hors d'oeuvre plus the pumpkin pie and apple crisp I also managed to consume.)

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