Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rock n' Roll Sushi

O' course, thoughts of my sister's fave sushi joint triggered memories of other lip-smackingly good sushi rolls I've had the pleasure of eating in '07. They are:

the spicy rolls and otherwise at Brooklyn's
Cube 63. The little LES resto is also a goodie.

the pricey rolls ordered up at Chaya avec my buds WF, CD and PS.

the crazy explosion of rolls on offer at Ten in the Inner Sunset.

I never did manage to get a picture of the sushi at my fave SF joint: Sushi Groove in Russian Hill. The waloo (aka butterfish) is out of this world. When I used to live nearby, a trip to Sushi Groove to grub on the fish followed by a hop-skip-and-jump over to Swensen's for an ice cream cone always proved to be the perfect antidote to even the roughest work week.

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sp said...

LP - don't forget about Sushi Koo in the I.S.! one of my neighborhood favorites...