Monday, January 14, 2008

Colibri Makes the List

A foodie friend in New York asked me for resto recs to pass on to a buddy soon to visit SF. I asked her, what's she like? Need some parameters to work within. She let me know that greasy spoons and dives are not for her (and sadly neither is sushi) but rather eateries of the Cookshop level are more up her alley. Got it, I said. As any proper San Franciscan knows, you can't spend any time here without sampling some of the grubbin' Cal-Mex that abounds. Mission taquerias were pretty much out based on the above requirements. What to do ... of course! Mijita certainly makes the list as does Colibri, whose made-by-your-table lumpy chunky guacamole is really outstanding as are its accompanying handmade toasty-warm tortillas. I also liked Colibri's quesadillas as well as the tacos. All well-seasoned, using fresh ingredients ... in a setting that will surely please even the toughest customer.

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