Monday, January 14, 2008

Korean BBQ

You just can't beat this combination, if you ask me (accompanied of course with your requisite pan chan): sundubu jjigae, daeji bulgogi (spicy grilled pork) and sticky rice. I pretty much ask for this combination every time I go out for Korean. My folks groan over my lack of creativity, but heck, I hit Korean BBQ joints so rarely, maybe once every few months and usually when I'm visiting my folks, that I like to chow down on my absolute favorites.

My fave Korean BBQ joint in SF: Wooden Charcoal BBQ House
My fave Korean BBQ joint in NY: Kang Suh

For sure there's better K.BBQ to be had in Oakland and Flushing ... and I've partaken, but always with my ma and pa or my aunt and her friends—which means I go autopilot as soon as the elder folk take over. I couldn't tell you where I've been, but i
t's all good. Wooden Charcoal suits me just fine. Better than fine.

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