Monday, November 19, 2007

Sundubu in the Original K-Town

After something like 19 hours in transit to Incheon Int'l Airport by way of SFO and LAX, plus a 2-hr hump in on the limo bus #609 to Gaepodong, where my fave aunt (aka eemo, that's her above) picked me up, it was off to a sundubu (read: spicy silken tofu stew) chain resto for some well-deserved nourishment. Never mind that it was about 3 a.m. PST. In Korea, it was prime chow time: 8 p.m. to be exact.

MmmmmMmmm. This "chain" is the kinda chain resto I like. Lotsa little sides (panchan), a nice atmo and quirky touches like a drawer in your table holding the necessary utensils and a basket full of eggs to add to your stew. And the sundubu (there were no less than a dozen different kinds) was absolutely delightful; our stone bowls came out piping hot, the chili-laden broth dancing with bubbles. My aunt told me to hurry up and crack an egg in mine before the broth cooled down. I did and swirled it in with my chopsticks; my aunt followed suit. It says on the place mat that tofu promotes health and beauty. Sure, OK. I'll go for it; easy enough when the stuff tastes so good.

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