Thursday, November 22, 2007

Panchan Paradise

If you're gonna have Korean, you gotta have a good sampling of panchan (or small side dishes) to add dimension (of the salty, vinegary, fishy and spicy variety) to your meal. We decided to eat in one night, and so we stopped off at my aunt's fave panchan market, housed in a basement mall not far from where she lives, to pick up a few things. The pictures really say it all ...

A number of stalls sell panchan, but this one is her go-to outlet.

This isn't even the half of what the place has to offer ... we loaded up on no less than 8 different accompaniments to our meal for the night.

Plenty of other food stuff to be had here—everything from dried fish and homemade tofu to rice cakes and mung bean pancakes.

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