Wednesday, November 21, 2007

China by Way of Korea

A girl can't eat Korean food day in and day out (or at least this one can't), so my eemo took me to a fine-dining Chinese resto called Adena Garden (English is everywhere) where we started with a dim sum veggy dumpling that really was quite well done, but didn't quite do it for this shrimp and pork-loving dim-sum diner. (I like veg, but not so much in this form.)

We moved right into a spicy prawns dish dressed in a goopy atomic red sweetish sauce .... not bad, but not amazing; the sauce was a bit overpowering. Then came the mabo (aka spicy) tofu, which was very nice. Clean, bright flavors, tofu cubes cooked just right.

And then the highlight of my meal: the jiajiangmein—noodles loaded with a divine black bean and onion sauce that can come with beef and/or seafood, depending on how you order it. It's one of the best renditions I've had. Period. I savored every slurp.

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