Saturday, February 9, 2008

Café Myth Made Our Day

Or more appropriately, chef Ryan Scott (who's part of the Chicago Top Chef ensemble) did when he personally served up a multi-course meal from his all-electric kitchen at Café Myth in Jackson Square. A big thank you to our cutie WF, who got the invite from Mr. Scott and brought us along for the midday ride. And oh what a ride it was.

To start: deviled eggs dusted with paprika, each topped with chives and a honkin' piece of bacon. Plus some home-made potato chips tossed in truffle oil and sprinkled with a citrus gremolatta and parmesan cheese. Ooh la la.

Don't we feel special? Chef Scott gave us a play-by-play of the parade of dishes streaming out of the kitchen.

The curried butternut squash soup was ever-so-delightful with just enough tarty acid to cut through the rich cream.

My fave salad: crispy hearts of romaine with savory quinoa and squash, sweet-tart pomegranate seeds and salty crumbles of feta, dressed in a creamy moscatel vinaigrette.

The runner-up: roasted Brussels sprouts with a super smokey slice of duck breast, crunchety croutons, mache (aka lamb's lettuce), parmesan, pomegranate seeds (I'd leave 'em out—there's already a lot going on here) and caper red onion vinaigrette.

Pretty darn tasty. Roasted chicken and winter chicory salad with Asian pear, pomegranate seeds (AGAIN? Chef Scott sure loves his poms) and lotsa creamy goat cheese.

Oh, there's more! Mini open-faced Mediterranean tuna sandwiches with orange, arugula pesto and hummus. Plus a mess o' deli sammies including roast beef with Meyer lemon horseradish aioli; chili lemongrass-roasted chicken salad with pepper jack and mango; and turkey and avocado with kumquats and golden raisin chutney.

The girls were downright giddy with all the attention and endorphins kicking in from the workout of working on all this great food. Our resident Top Chef packed up some ginormous cookies, of which hands down the best was the coconut white chocolate rendition. In a word: heaven.

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