Friday, February 22, 2008

LP's Ultimate Lasagna

So then, I felt the need to have my aunt and uncle over to the folks' house for my version of comfort food. Having just seen Tyler Florence whip up his ultimate lasagna bolognese, I decided this would be ideal for a mid-week meal. And yes, I'd been wanting to make a meaty lasagna for a good three weeks and counting. I can't say that I followed Tyler's recipe to the letter; I decided instead to go for my own take on the ultimate (and admittedly non-bolognese) lasagna—my somewhat slimmed-down (no heavy cream, less meat), sans puree (but rather minced veg), beef-only (ground pork was not an option at my ma's fave grocery store) version still got raves from all around the dinner table (let's just say, everyone asked for seconds, and thirds in some cases). My ma kindly got together a big salad and we rounded off the hearty meal (plenty o' cheese and other fatty goodness goin' on here) with a garlicky saute of broccoli flowerets.

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