Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fish and Farm does Dine About Town right

AS wanted to hit Fish & Farm during Dine About Town, which happens twice a year when a bunch of SF eateries sport super 3-course prix-fixe deals. Having really enjoyed my one-and-only visit to the restaurant-with-a-conscience just a couple of months prior, I was more than game.

The cozy little resto—think wood, marble and burnished leather, along with pig, bird and antler accoutrement—immediately put us at ease, as did the organic cocktails. But I was a tiny bit anxious that the folks at Fish & Farm were going to half-ass the dishes on offer via Dine About Town. I've experienced the half-assing first-hand (at Asia de Cuba, for one), where restos treat DAT as if it were an after-thought. Too bad since it's their chance to get in front of a whole new set of folks outside their usual clientele.

OK, I'll get off the soapbox. After all, the food is what tells the story. Once upon a time ...

... there was a country pate and pickled ramp plate that called my name. Slivers of radish, stone-ground mustard and grilled bits of bread completed the yin and yang of flavors. Yum.

Enter the milk-braised pork. The slight bitterness of the greens, the sweet tang of the roasted tomatoes and the piquancy of the sauce proved the perfect foil to the ever-so-easy-going meat.

Cut to the finale: The soft and creamy vanilla-infused panna cotta with blueberry and basil was like a dream.

Wait. Rewind. KG's mesquite smoked carnaroli risotto with English pea puree, Parmesan and herbed mascarpone was cooked just right and skillfully showcased the local, seasonal products that Fish & Farm sources within a 100-mile radius of the city.

Needless to say, we lived happily ever after ...

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