Sunday, June 1, 2008

Boulange for Boo-boos

Note to self: Don't fiddle with your ipod when running along a rocky road; otherwise, you'll find yourself taking a dive when your clumsy self trips on big rock sticking out of said road. Save for a couple of skinned elbows, bruised thigh and ego, I was fine.

And I was better than fine when I met up with AB at La Boulange in Hayes Valley later that day. Boulange's big bowl of fruit with creamy Greek yogurt, house-made granola and honey along with AB's sparkling company made my woes a distant memory.

The newest of the Bay Bread chain of boulangeries, this one is by far the biggest, but as far as decor goes, it's just as homey and inviting as the others. Now if only they'd open one in the Avenues ...

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