Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pizzetta 211 is Unicorn Good

When it comes to thin-crust pizzas, Pizzetta 211's got the magic. The tiny Outer Richmond eatery—it seats maybe 14—kicks out some really tasty and creative combinations. Mr. H especially loves the egg, creamy ricotta, tomato, spring onion flower and pesto special. I have to admit the thought of ovos on my pie kinda put me off, but to my happy surprise, the entire thing worked. Really really well.

My number-one pie (we tried 3) was the prosciutto, nectarine, hazelnut, balsamic vinegar and fresh arugula combo. Turkey and cranberry, pork and apple, lamb and sweet potato, prosciutto and nectarine ... these are a few of my favorite things.

Even the freakout by a neighboring diner over the discovery of a creepy crawly in her pie couldn't bring us out of our pizzapalooza haze. From the way she was carrying on, you'd think she'd found a cockroach or mouse poop. But a mere potato bug? I'd be willing to bet it came straight from the farm as Pizzetta 211 gets its ingredients in fresh daily. Well, she may never go back, but I certainly will. Because right now, Pizzetta 211's got the best pizza in town.

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