Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Be Mine

Ain't these purty? So Martha Stewart, right? A friend picked them up from the Cupcake Café for my going-away party. Truth be told, they're a little too fancy for my (everyday) liking as are the various cupcakes I've tried here in San Francisco: Miette, Kara's and Citizen Cupcake. All the pretty piping, rosettes and cream filling are just a bit over the top for me. Of course, I won't say no when my sweet craving is cranked on high, and yes, I can appreciate all the effort put into each tiny cake.

But my heart belongs to Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery, a descendent of Magnolia. I remember walking by the Rivington St. storefront in the fall of 2003, impatient for its grand opening. I've probably had easily 100 of its cuppers since then. Oh, sure, Billy's, Buttercup and even Magnolia will do in a pinch, but it's the luscious little cakes in the LES that do it for me every time.

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