Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Love in a Box

My mom was hoppin' mad last night. I'd visited the folks for the long weekend and went into my room (aka the guest room) to pack up my bag for my return flight home, and found her trying to stuff two huge shoeboxes brimming with fresh-picked grapefruit (from the backyard) into said bag.

Oh no, I yelled. I can't lug all that fruit back with me (no matter how delicious and juicy they are). I'll take one box, and that's final.

Alright, so her feelings were hurt. But imagine having a mom who's constantly sneaking food into your suitcase—from ramen and rice cakes to frozen turkey meat and grapenuts (emphasis on nuts!)—and you'll see why turning down love in a box at least some of the time is the only way to keep the mother-daughter thing A-okay.

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